III Economic Congress of Central and Eastern Europe

Economic Congress Central and Eastern Europe is an event accompanying the VIII edition of the China Homelife Show Machinex and China, which are an opportunity to establish economic cooperation between Polish, China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The mission of the Congress is:

  • promoting cooperation between local government and economic self-government,
  • access to the latest developments in science serving the economy,
  • lobbying for the development of economic exchanges entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe, together with any related facilitation of exports and imports,
  • the creation of jobs in the domestic and foreign outsourcing,
  • create a platform for a broad business cooperation Central and Eastern Europe with other regions of the world,
  • increasing and deepening economic cooperation of local government with local government and state administration,
  • promotion and care for high standards of business, ethical standards in business and promoting the principles of corporate social responsibility,
  • support for the promotion and export of products, services and capital entrepreneurs organized in the economic self-government, including through cooperation with multilateral and bilateral chambers.
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